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About the Foundation


In 1994, on the Golden Jubilee of Li Tim-Oi’s priesting, Archbishop Donald Coggan launched the Li Tim-Oi Foundation in St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, London.

It has so far helped more than 430+ women from 124 dioceses in 14 provinces of the Anglican Communion – in Africa, Brazil, Fiji, India and Pakistan.

More than a third have been or will be ordained, but most have been trained for employment by their diocese in such positions as : accountant, administrator, AIDS counsellor, auditor, bible college teacher, bishop’s secretary, Church Army sister, catechist, chaplain, communications officer, ccommunity worker, computer trainer, counsellor, development officer, diocesan secretary, evangelist, health centre nurse, information officer, lawyer, lecturer, legal adviser, microcredit treasurer, Mothers’ Union development worker, pastor, priest, primary school teacher, procurement officer, provincial secretary, school chaplain, social worker, translator, youth worker

Without the help of the Foundation, they would not have been able to fulfil their vocations to take on leadership roles in their own countries.

Sue Parks recounts the amazing story of Ruth, one of the ‘Daughters of Li Tim-Oi’, who made a lengthy journey to thank the Foundation for her training. We also celebrate the latest achievement of Canon Edidah-Mary Mujinya, and bring you the inspiring words of a hymn written by a female American hymn writer. Read this here.

‘Salt and Light’ is an inspiring account of the work of the Foundation based on Christina Rees’s 2003 visit to ‘Daughters of Li Tim-Oi’ in East Africa.  Download a copy.