Policies for Grants

The Li Tim Oi Foundation gives grants for training Christian women to be trained in the Two Thirds’ World. Grants are available for women who are Anglicans or who are members of churches in communion with the Anglican Church. The Foundation gives grants for women to study for the ordained ministry or to train for different kinds of lay ministry and work within the Anglican Communion.

It is required that any woman applying for a grant is employed, or will be employed, by an Anglican church or diocese or by an organisation that will make use of this training.

The Foundation also gives grants to women in dioceses that do not ordain women as priests, for other forms of Christian work and ministry.

The Foundation focuses on supporting Anglican women for their first degrees and only very occasionally for higher degrees, such as a Masters’ or a Doctorate degree. Women applying for an advanced degree should explain what difference this additional degree will make to their work for the Kingdom of God.

The Foundation is interested in helping women in conflict-affected regions in the Anglican Communion and who are now or will be engaged in ground-breaking and pioneering work. The Foundation also offers support for individual women or for institutions that wish to train women for special ministries or for work in a specific context.

Applications from individual women must be made on the Application Forms below.

The Foundation also works with institutions on projects that enable and further women’s training and ministry. Educators from institutions must contact the Executive Secretary by email with a brief outline of their idea or proposal.

After training is completed, all those who have received grants are required to produce a short, written report describing what they have studied and how they will be using their training.

The Trustees reserve the right to ask for copies of the relevant academic or financial reports from any of the training institutions.

Our grants are for the tuition fees and are paid directly to the training institution. We do not pay grants to individuals. In exceptional circumstances, the Foundation will consider a request for essential additional expenses.

  • Applicants are required to complete Part 1 of the online application form.
  • A reference is required from the diocesan bishop or a potential or actual employer, who will act as a Sponsor for the applicant. The Sponsor will need to complete Part 2 of the online Application form. Sponsors may be the Principal of a training institution or an employer, but not a member of the applicant’s family.
  • The Foundation usually considers applications three times a year.
  • If an applicant has already started her course, the Foundation does not normally pay for the study that she has already done.
  • The Foundation will support the successful applicant for the full period of her course, providing satisfactory reports are received at the end of each year.
  • The Foundation will also need to receive an invoice for each year of study before making further payment for the grant.


  1. First, you will need to create a private folder on the LTOF website in which your Application Form and your answers will be saved and securely stored, until you are satisfied with it. Your answers will be saved automatically as you enter them.
  2. You will be asked to create a Username and Password. You must make a note of your username and password. You will only be able to access your data by using your unique username and password.
  3. You will be able to work on the Application Form and change your responses as you go along.
  4. You can print out the Application Form as you work on it.
  5. You are required to answer all questions on the form.
  6. When entering date information, please use UK Date Formatting – dd/mm/yyyy
  7. Please remember to include a passport-sized photograph of yourself. This can be done by attaching an electronic file to your Part 1. (See the final question). Your application CANNOT BE CONSIDERED without your photo.
  8. The Application Form is in 2 parts. Part 1 must be completed by the Applicant, and Part 2 by the Sponsor. We recommend that you discuss your application with your Sponsor before completing the Form.
  9. You need to complete all of Part 1 of the Application Form. You must include the name and email address of the Sponsor in Part 1. When you have finished Part 1, you should click on the <Submit> button at the bottom of the form.
  10. When you click <Submit>, Part 1 of the Form will be sent as an email to the Foundation’s Executive Secretary and to your personal email box.
  11. A copy of your Part 1 form will also be sent to your Sponsor by email. The email will explain why they have received the email and will request them to complete Part 2 of the Application Form, which will be included in that email. Please ensure that you have entered the correct email for the Sponsor. The Foundation will not take forward any application where the email to a Sponsor is rejected because the wrong address has been submitted.
  12. When the Sponsor has completed Part 2 of the Application Form, they will be asked to email the completed form to the Executive Secretary of the Foundation by email.

If you have any questions about filling in the Application Form, please email the Executive Secretary who will be able to assist you. Her email is Admin@LTOF.org.uk

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