Grants from the Foundation

How to apply for a grant

The Li Tim Oi Foundation will consider female applicants who fulfil the following criteria:

  • We only make grants to Christian women in the Majority World, also known as the Two­Thirds’ World.
  • Grants are only made to women who are members of an Anglican Church, or of a church in communion with the worldwide Anglican Church.
  • We usually only make grants to women being trained for positions of leadership and to which their diocese or other place of work is committed to employ them. In the case of a woman being trained for a job in a diocese, we request confirmation from the Bishop that the women will be paid.
  • Our grants are for vocational training. Occasionally, we do consider giving grants for further academic training if it will raise and enhance the woman’s leadership status.
  • We do not normally make a grant for a course that is already started. Please remember that applying for a grant is no assurance of being given a grant.
  • Having agreed an initial grant, and subject to satisfactory progress reports, we make repeat grants on an annual basis for the remainder of the course.
  • The amount of our normal grant is for up to £1,200 a year. The grant is paid direct to the training institution. We need to be sure, before agreeing a grant, that a student is able to find funding for the rest of the total cost of the course, if our grant does not cover it.
  • We give grants for students to attend an institution within their own geographical context. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider giving a grant to a woman for study abroad.
  • If the application is for a position not within a diocese, but, for example, within an educational institution or a local authority, then we request the signature of the person who intends to employ the woman after the course is completed. We refer to this person as the Sponsor

Instructions for filling in an Application Form on-line:

If you intend to apply for a grant from the Li Tim Oi Foundation (LTOF) you are required to fill in an Application Form. We prefer if you complete your Application Form on-line and send it via the Sponsor/Bishop electronically to the LTOF Executive Secretary. We have tried to make the on-line process as simple and straightforward as possible, understanding that English may not be your first language

  • Before starting to fill in the Application Form, you will need to create a private electronic space in which your Form and your responses will be stored in a secure file (to which only you will have access), until it is completed to your satisfaction. Your responses will be saved automatically as you enter them on the Form.
  • When creating the secure file, you will be asked to create a username and password. You must make a note of your username and password, because the information placed in the secure file will only be accessible to you.
  • This facility will enable you to work on the application and edit your responses over time. For instance, if you wish, you could print out the Application Form at different stages as you work on it
  • First, you will need to complete Part 1 of the form. When you have completed Part 1, you should click on the button at the bottom of the form (the <send> button), which will automatically send the whole Application Form, with Part 1 completed, as an email to the Bishop/Sponsor’s email inbox. The email will explain why the Bishop/Sponsor has received the email and request him/her to complete Part 2 of the Application Form.
  • You must include the name and email address of the Bishop/ Sponsor in Part 1 of the Application Form, so that when you click on the <send> button, the entire Application Form containing both your questions and answers along with the section to be completed by the Bishop/Sponsor, will be forwarded automatically to the Bishop/Sponsor.
  • When the Bishop/Sponsor has filled in part 2 of the Application Form he/she must send the competed form by email to Stephanie Lewis-Grey, the Executive Secretary of the Li Tim Oi Foundation. Her email is